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From Fears to Freedom

The secret to growth, fulfillment and success through trusted and meaningful relationships Read More...

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7 Steps to Understanding and Building the Trusted Relationship

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What is H2G?

To inspire humanity one person, one relationship and one Team at a time by adopting and LIVING a passionate and positive H2G - HEAD, HEART and GUT lifestyle...

About Shawn

Shawn is recognized for his expertise in high performance sales, team relationship building, leadership and organizational development and extraordinary customer satisfaction experiences...


Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Trust Works! “Shawn Cassidy and I have a lot in common. The focal point of his new book From Fears to Freedom is the power of trusted relationships...

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Shawn Cassidy at “Cybersecurity Academy of Excellence” at the University of San Diego

Shawn had the privilege of speaking at the University of San Diego to some of the best and brightest future Cyber Leaders.

1st Annual UDT-SEAL Memorial Swim Around Coronado Island

The 1st Annual 11.7-mile (18.8 km) UDT-SEAL Memorial Swim was held around Coronado Island on June 29th. The event was sponsored by The Leadership and Freedom Center which was held in honor of fallen Naval Special Warfare Operators and is an […]

2G Trusted Relationships: H20 to Survive, H2G to THRIVE !

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August 8, 2014